Our Instructors are the key to our success

At Direct English we believe that our success is built on the success of our instructors; that is why we aim to hire the most talented instructors and support them every step of the way.

Teachers’ Profile

  • Highly Qualified: Accredited with prominent teaching certifications; language training experts.
  • Native or Native Fluent: Instructors extensively screened and tested. English is a first language to them with perfect pronunciation.
  • Trained: Certified as Direct English instructors and trained for Direct English Methodology, syllabus and learning resources.
  • Experienced and adaptable: Able to work with demanding students, often at advanced levels.
  • Self-Motivated: Have developed their skills through research, practice and a commitment to their professional development. 

Personal Teacher

Your Personal Teacher is Your Friend

At Speak Up you will attend small group classes with your personal teacher who will guide you through the course and will answer all your questions.

Your teacher will understand your goals and will help you choose the most suitable schedule and learning plan according to your objectives, timetable and desired learning pace.

Your personal teachers will review your progress reports for each lesson and will assess your participation during classes. You will have an individual consultation session with your teacher to discuss the results and set new objectives.



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