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Speak Up uses a unique method that combines the most modern multimedia tools with small group classroom sessions conducted by highly qualified instructors. Classroom sessions can be dlivered at one of our locations or online (through virtual classrooms on our learning platform)


Courses tailored to the needs of each student.

An educational consultant and a personal teacher adapt the course to the needs of each learner and other relevant matters necessary to start a rewarding and productive learning program.

Your learning plan will take into account your present level, the level of English you want to achieve, topics of special interest and the language skills you want to focus on.

Our courses also adapt to each student’s availability, timetable, learning pace, and specific needs.

At Speak Up you will have the chance to select teacher led classroom sessions based on the language skills you want to focus on and the topics you are interested in.

In addition, a modern and dynamic multimedia system allows our students to do their lessons

24/7. Each student learns English whenever they want and wherever they are.

Each student is given free access to Speak Up Club, which gives him/her an opportunity to attend Club Activities focused on giving students a lot of speaking practice.

At Speak Up school we monitor students’ progress at each and every step of the learning process and advise them on how to address areas that need improvement.


Speak Up provides the highest efficiency in English language training

At speak up you will learn more in less time.

  • 100% English Speaking environment to help you learn English in the most natural way
  • Online activities, videos and exercises to accelerate your progress
  • Our unique methodology allows you to focus on your objectives and desired skills by selecting workshops and activities that you want.
  • Online reports tracking your progress in all language skills throughout the course.
  • Students get individual and detailed feedback from their teachers so that they realize what their strong points are and which aspects need reinforcement
  • Speak Up Language Guarantee: If you attended the required hours but failed to reach the required level, we will enable you to repeat the course as many times as needed for free.


At Speak Up we offer the latest educational options

Speak Up modern educational tools and methodology allow students to learn faster and easier while focussing on the skills they need. On the other hand, our methodology is designed to build students’ confidence to be able to communicate in English freely.

  • up-to-date teaching materials adequate to your needs
  • combination of modern Multimedia technology and classroom work under a teacher’s supervision
  • effective system of progress monitoring – feedback on progress at the end of each Multimedia lesson and at the end of each level
  • possibility of booking and cancelling classes in the Student Zone
  • option of doing Multimedia lessons and teacher contact classes online
  • variety of classes

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