Unit Licence Business Opportunities

An Excellent Business Opportunity

Owning and operating a Speak Up school means offering the most effective English language training in the market today at competitive prices.

Speak Up will provide you with all of the cutting-edge tools and training needed as well as an advanced management software and an online Learning Management System to make your business unit a success.

We will also provide you with Speak Up proprietary educational material, complete set of manuals, a comprehensive marketing package and access to online resources (web site, Facebook page).

Our Requirements

We are looking for partners who have the resources, market knowledge, and business background to become our partners.

The main components to successfully open and operate a Speak Up school are leadership and business skills.

Our partners ought to have the required business knowledge and good understanding of the market in the city or region they want to operate in. They also need to have well-defined business objectives and an action plan to achieve them.

They will also need to have the sufficient capital to launch and operate the business.

Whether you are an entrepreneur looking for a new opportunity or an existing training company, take the chance to become a Speak Up Unit Licensee for your city or region



Our Partners